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122cm x 157cm
Digital UV Photographic Print on Fabric & Lightbox

went to this year’s Matrade Art Expo, 3rd time around, but a short visit as i was catching the ATP KL in the afternoon. squeezing art in the morning is quite a task but manageable. and so worth it.

for now, i like to share this artwork. moving.

there’s also few arts focusing on GAZA and MH370 & MH17. will post it soon.

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From The Creators Project: Artist Candas Sisman Reinvents Reality By Shifting The Way We Think About Digital Data

"One of my priorities is to manipulate people’s perception, and produce work that appeals to different ways of perceiving at the same time. Therefore, one of the most important reasons for me to use different disciplines is to be able to address different senses. Just like in synesthesia, I wonder  how sound feels as a visual or how a visual can be perceived as the wind. Using different disciplines enables this kind of exploration. 

"Another reason is that I also wish to remain in the limbo as far as disciplines are concerned. This way, I can make many different disciplines interact with each other, which presents a vital opportunity in my search for a new language…"

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Dauphna Laurens


Sanja Marusic

  1. Portrait Tibor Koek
  2. Versus Exhibition
  3. Portrait Nils

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SPOTLIGHT: Natural Palettes

Today’s spotlight happily goes to a fairly new beautiful Tumblr based art blog dedicated to matching all the Pantone colors to natures beautiful landscapes and everyday life. 

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