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Oakland unveils mural in solidarity with Palestine  
In Oakland, California, twelve artists have been working diligently for the last three weeks to create a mural that covers the entirety of a 157-foot-long building in the downtown section of the city.
The artists were brought together by Art Forces, the Estria Foundation and NorCal Friends of Sabeel, and their collaborative creation expresses solidarity with Palestine, connecting each artist’s personal history to Palestine’s ongoing struggle to resist colonialism and dispossession.


Jerzy Duda-Gracz(Polish, 1941-2004)

Walc As-dur op. 42 (cykl “Chopinowi”)  Waltz in A flat major, Op. 42 (series “Chopin”)  2001

Nokturn Des-dur op. 27 nr 2 (cykl “Chopinowi”) Nocturne in D flat major, Op. 27, No. 2 (series “Chopin”)  2001

Walc a-moll op. 34 nr 2 (cykl “Chopinowi”) Waltz in A minor, Op. 34 No. 2 (series “Chopin”)  2001

Lubniewice, Nokturn H-dur op. 9 nr 3 (cykl “Chopinowi”) Lubniewice, Nocturne in B major, Op. 9 No. 3 (series “Chopin”)  2001


Ballada g-moll op.23 Ballade in G minor op.23

Mazurek 4 b-moll  4 Mazurka in B flat minor  2002

Kanon w oktawie f-moll  Canon at the octave F minor  2003

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Typing VS Ink

It’s been more than 5 years since the last journal written with a pen.
I haven’t stopped putting in words since 8pm and now its 5:55am Saturday morning. I’m comparing how it feels to leave writing with a pen, continue writing by typing / blogging , and coming back to pen.
Feeling my rapid hand letting out very bad handwriting feels like a race.
You can’t help but try to write faster so the hand can catch up.
So, the other side, a good side of typing. Faster recording.
While handwriting gets you to think faster, a mind race.
Being in a catch up mode, let me realize one thing, mind can easily be numbed by routine and that to actually get ink on your hand is basically a very human thing to do - to feel the moment.

Kudos to those who pen in still.
Now I know what I’ve missed all these years, I’ll keep up with both - fast fingers and fast mind.

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I need more light

as my heart is heavy tonight.

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idA - Botanical garden, Grüningen 2007.

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Mostly, pointillism of my memories helps me to repaint my writings.

— ~- the point of memories (via lostinspacecollection)

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Primary Time, Bas Jan Ader (1974)
My library is an archive of longings.
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Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson (via bornbetweentwosigns)

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