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Save Palestine… Please keep praying for them…
one of the best thing that happen today! (via Twitter / jenmorrisonlive: It’s Fili and Fili! So nice …)


the thing about being a traveler is that loneliness is too easy to come by. it waits as you slipped from thinking of God, from thinking of what you have right now, from feeling awake in the moment, because there are pauses in traveling. that is where loneliness lies.

there, it separates two worlds. two universe. and you even created universe specifically for loneliness. here, you’re half awake, almost blind.

now and then, when my heart’s feet aches from walking too much, they crack, and i fell.

dear loneliness, i know that you are merely a state of unconsciousness. where you exist only to let me know that my purpose is to simply seek.
sometimes your mission is unbearable.
sometimes your knock is too damn loud.

i am seeking, after all i am a traveler.

yet, you never vanish completely.

— ~ Traveler (via lostinspacecollection)

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War of the Worlds.

There is always time to reflect.

Virginia Woolf’s working table, photographed by Gisèle Freund (1965)

ES3 final prototype, january 2014

This wall-mounted espresso maker is pretty much genius.The Dutch-made Strietman ES3 is a work of art. Here are the details » http://bit.ly/1lkjoTH
I may flick and start the fire but light is forever given.

— ~- the state where i, forever cry (via lostinspacecollection)

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