nysheArt expressAway nysheArt expressAway
it comes and goes
it can be deadly or redeem a soul
we cling to it bound to it
in fact we are skinned with it
our skin is Time
and we calculate it
thus calculate living
if we pattern living in such way
dreadfully I ask
what is left then?
where God is
is where more is. ; then it is ever true
that in God there is no Time
we achieved boundlessness as our heart claimed home
in God’s hand we shed off every single thread
I don’t believe in time

— sentiment (via lostinspacecollection)

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Brita as Iduna by Karl Larsson

rebecca saylor sack
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dear life,

it has been such a joy, adventure and experience to juggle different compartments which i am blessed to be given. if i stand alone right in the center, i can without a doubt let go every single one of them, since each has been or are being fulfilled. though the case of joy of life is having them within grasp in the first place, and have the feeling of more to come is absolutely liberating.

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Must be the Tabasco sauce: The #Roswell cast is even hotter 15 years later. @ATXfestival #TheWB #reunion (at Maggie Mae’s)
I want so much that is not here and do not know where to go.

— Charles Bukowski (via krysuvik)

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Äscher Cliff, Swiss Alps

30 degrees Celsius at night. that’s putrajaya/kl for you. urgh june.

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