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Good, there’s too many things unknown, and too many will be left unknown for now. Good.

— ~- Good ! (via lostinspacecollection)

4th September, Thursday (12:08am) Reblog ↬

My perfect day.

I will learn to love the skies I’m under. on Flickr.

aware or not, not delaying in acceptance as it arrives is much easier for one’s sanity.
the idea of consciously aware of it though, is creepy.
like a playback of black and white, of every single candles blown off from every single cake i ever had, with me strapped on the seat, forced to watch the inevitable, over and over again.
of course, the over part, is still unknown.
and that is what i held on to right now.

ive written about how much being 20s is all about going all out, vulnerable.
now im in my 30s, and it is so much better, and i will never wish to go back, but lately i realize, knowing a lot more, means being aware of time.
and time gets faster all of a sudden.

once i understood how time works, i couldn’t stop thinking about it.
perhaps, due to work load, time is always the essence.
especially currently, when few of my projects is reaching the finish line, and time was all i had, waiting for the final call.

perhaps, due to work load, and focusing on being practical, i loose touch of my spirit. right now it is screaming to be free. and i began to wonder again…

just like that, these words, calms me.

my room has been de-clustered. the air goes around merry. my reading chair propped right in the middle of the room. the world makes sense again.

see, time is also like an edge of a knife, seem forever twisting barely on your skin.

sometimes, its so good to just forget.

3rd September, Wednesday (11:44pm) Reblog ↬
I love the idea that a person is a constant,
even though,
I will never be one.

— ~ I am Sea (via lostinspacecollection)

3rd September, Wednesday (12:44am) Reblog ↬
happy 27th mr.hulk / lil brother / Syafizan. 
May Allah Bless Your Special Soul Always. X

how amazing is the Bicycle Cafe in Canmore? Also this is the best espresso I’ve ever had.

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